Chikako Porter Real Estate



It normally takes a few months to sell your home. You may start preparing 3-4 months before you wish to move.


Choose a realtor

Seller and Buyer have own agent. If you choose a realtor, you will receive current comparable sales information in your neighborhood, then the realtor will price your home. Your own agent will start working to sell your home.



If you live your home long time, you may not realize small repair needed. However, prospective buyers will check every corner of the house, it may sell at higher price if you make some repairs, such as painting, new HVAC, water leak. You can discuss with your realtor which repairs are more effective to sell your home at higher price and faster. 


list your property
List your home

If you are ready to show your home, your realtor will start advertising. As many prospective buyers will come look at your home, it is better you are not home since buyers will think about how to furnish/live in the home.


Signing a contract

If you receive an offer you can accept, you need to sign the contract. It still has a lot of process to go, however, the first step is done at this point.